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The Nanny Network does an initial screening interview with each candidate to get a good sense of how they handle certain situations and feel about certain issues that are important to families. The Nanny Network also checks personal, employment and childcare references to learn more about the candidate's character, experience and past job performance. The Nanny Network also does a thorough background check, obtaining criminal records and a drivers license report. You may interview the childcare references provided by a prospective candidate and perform any additional investigation yourself.

At The Nanny Network, we are committed to giving you the highest quality nanny candidates possible. The Nanny Network & Sitters' Registry has an impeccable reputation in the Shreveport-Bossier area. Sitters' Registry was established in 1986; therefore, we have been around long enough to have many nannies and sitters referred to us through word of mouth, our best advertisement. These are usually our best, most qualified nannies & sitters. We individually check the prospective nanny's past employment, personal references, and childcare references. The Nanny Network nannies sign a contract stating that they can make a one-year commitment to a family (if the family is looking for at least a year). Some will stay longer, and of course, we do not charge an additional fee if your nanny stays longer than one year. Our goal is to place a nanny with you that will become part of your family and serve you as long as you have a need.

The Nanny Network screens potential candidates that have previous experience in their field with excellent references that we personally verify. We screen individuals who are personally referred to our organization and we also recruit candidates who have the experience and characteristics our clients are looking for. Prospective applicants are carefully evaluated on their communication skills, professionalism, character, and conduct. Every candidate referred through The Nanny Network is screened the following ways, prior to placement:
Preliminary Phone Screening
Detailed Application Procedure
Personal Interview
Reference Verifications
Social Security Trace
Criminal & Civil Background Investigation Reports will cover felony and misdemeanor arrests and convictions, as well as a pedophile check.
Motor Vehicle Investigation