To start the nanny search, a non-refundable $150 application fee is required to start the placement process. T his guarantees you as many interviews with prospective nannies as it takes to find your perfect match.  
Once you have chosen a nanny through our service, a one-time placement fee is due before the nanny begins work. Placements come with a warranty which means you can start the interview process over if you are not satisfied with your nanny within the warranty period. Placement fees are non-refundable.  

At The Nanny Network, our philosophy is to help families and nannies meet, interview and make a well thought out decision. We take out the stress by giving you the following benefits: We make a match based on skills, abilities, wants & needs of our family and nanny candidates. Of families polled who had hired a caregiver on their own, most said they were dissatisfied with their selection. To advertise the available position in the newspaper means you must be prepared to deal with the nuisance calls (from callers who are inexperienced, unqualified, or curious only). Through a process of elimination, we offer viable candidates to you, those who are serious about finding employment. You can avoid time-consuming and "nerve-racking" elements associated with a private search. Once we receive an application from a family, we begin the process of finding potential nanny candidates for the family to interview.

What is the Nanny-Family Contract?
The Nanny Family Job Contract is a contract signed by the family and the employee that states the job duties that are expected, and covers important issues such as; employment term, salary, work schedule, benefits, and important household information. A signed work agreement is beneficial for the family as well as the employee because it states, in writing, what is expected from both parties, and it helps to create an open work environment. This is a wonderful communication tool that eliminates confusion and defines the complete job description and sets expectations from all parties in the beginning.

We view our success on the quality of our candidates rather than the quantity. We are committed to carefully matching candidates with our clients to form an outstanding working relationship and always offer ongoing support when needed. We will continue to work with you until a successful match is made.